instrumental material analysis
  • Investigation of the localised deterioration of the red coating on the Josip Diminić sculpture Object II by FTIR spectroscopy in 2019

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  • date: 2019-11-17
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  • Scalarone, Dominique. 2019. "Object II (1979) by Josip Diminić: FTIR analysis report." Unpublished report. University of Turin.

    Comment: As a part of the 2014 conservation-restoration treatment, a thin layer of a two-component polyester putty was applied locally between the primer (a two-component polyamide cured epoxy primer) and the top coat (a two-component polyurethane top coat). After a few years, a whitish degradation product appeared in these areas, but only on the part of the sculpture that is painted red and is facing south. The FTIR analysis performed by the University of Turin concerns the identification of the whitish layer. (Comment by Sagita Mirjam Sunara)