condition reporting
  • Condition reporting form for the sculpture Relief in Space by Dušan Subotić, from 2016

  • type: electronic-document
  • date: 2016-06-06
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  • Sunara, Sagita Mirjam. 2016. "Dokumentacijski obrazac za skulpturu Dušana Subotića Reljef u prostoru (1981.) iz Parka skulptura Željezare Sisak." Unpublished report. University of Split, The Arts Academy, Conservation-Restoration Department.

    Comment: The artwork is partially preserved. The condition reporting form includes general information about the artwork (i.e. about the sculpture's base), information about the technique of its making and the degradation processes observed. Three conservation-restoration students participated in data collection: Nikolina Drlje, Mateo Curić and Jelena Hudinčec (listed in alphabetical order by surname). The information about the materials and techniques used in the fabrication of the Dušan Subotić sculpture were collected from the welder Abaz Begić, a former employee of the Sisak Steelworks who participated in the fabrication of several sculptures from the Sisak Steelworks Sculpture Park.